Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wicking bed in Perth?

The weather has been very wet in the last two days and I have noticed how well the mulch we applied last year has changed to soil, or at least rich and dark coverage of the sandy sub-soil.

It's time to make new plans, especially for the garden. Designing new garden beds is on top of the list. I have been interested in wicking beds after Permaculture WA has been promoting it for a few years now and a friend in Mount Lawley had good yield with hers.
Today I got an interesting article with inspiring photo from  Sustainable Gardening Australia.
I tried to link the pic, but could not do so, so here it is again: neat beds and the box in the background looks just the size of my old fridge! Am also intrigued to see the mashed frame protect the plants from pest, such as fruit flies, can imagine a number of tomatoes growing in there and other delicat goodies.

Want to explore the making of wicking beds, the principle is good, conserving water, limiting fertiliser and concentrating the good soil where it is really needed.

The second immediate task is to find out more about nitrogen fixers. Have been looking at a good youtube video that explained how the plants need assistance when picking up the nitrogen from the soil.
One thing is clear to me and not frightening but exciting: I need to learn more!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Urban farming

Becoming more and more interested in urban farming, ready to learn and grow myself, I have found a few inspiring videos such as this one:

The tree lobbers have been and there is plenty of space to plant, space for new fruit trees, veggie gardens and my blueprint looks more and more like this picture which is taken from a community garden surbey in Sydney. What a great place to work in and recharge your batteries: http://communitygarden.org.au/2009/10/05/basic-infrastructure/
Still, our hearts need to heal as the cutting of old olive trees and the lobbing of our shade giving ficus was a big blow to our souls. It will get better and time will heal the sorrow and some new growth will give hope. Looking forward to a fresh start.