Friday, April 15, 2011

Still no rain

Looks like the climate of the world is changing, the rain has not come in Perth, March went without much of a drop and April is still dry.

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Nothing much to report. We put some seeds into the ground, lettuces and broad beans, also rocket. Still needs water from the mains, therefore we have not put that many plants into the ground. Our focus is more on preparing the soil, that is making compost, mulching and tidying up to prepare for planting when the rain finally arrives.

An exception and a delight is the small papaya plant that has come up from the compost. I always wanted to grow some papaya, as I love eating it and have seen plants grow in Northbridge.

I also put some seeds into a pot but had no luck as no plants germinated. I wonder how long it will take for flowers to emerge. At the moment it is only about 20cm high, but has heaps of leaves and takes well to the additional compost that I placed at its foot.

There is rain predicted for tomorrow, but I doubt it, the weather map looks nothing like it. My water tank caught a bit of rain in the March storm, but not enough to be used really, as it takes ages to fill the watering can, I guess we only has 2mm anyway, nothing much at all.