Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sustainable living in Perth?

I have been living in Perth with my two children for more than 10 years. Being a single mum with part-time work will not allow me to ever own a home. The public housing waiting list is much too long for me to ever get a spot and after turning 50 this year I have been thinking more about how I would like to live in the future, how to prepare for more sustainable living and a retirement that I love and can afford.

After a bicycle accident I was bedbound for about a week, reading and thinking. I got this idea about turning my rented home into a sustainable urban living project. We do not own the house, but it is owned by my friend who has a similar vision and is passionate about sustainable food growing. In first discussions he agreed to share the journey of creating a sustainable living place right here in sandy soil Perth.

What we bring to the table is commitment and the believe in a better world. A passion and creativity for growing and eating healthy.  My research capacity, my upbringing on a farm in Germany, a wide network of friends and time to focus on the shaping and realisation of the idea probably helps as well.

But where to start and what to do first? This blog will document our journey.